Walk from Negreira to Olveiroa

April 21st, 2011 – 33.1 KM – This was a long day… It started out fairly dry… but there was a “RAIN” DUMP… Fortunately, we were near a bus stop enclosure and were able to avoid getting too wet!

About halfway through the day, several of us took a break! In this photo, Danielle, me, Greg (?), and Dominic are resting our butts on benches! LOL

Break! Butts on Benches!

After climbing over/around Monte Aro, it started to drizzle… we had gotten to this bus stop enclosure and were in the process of putting on rain covers over our backpacks and putting on rain pants, when it just DUMPPED… We stayed in the enclosure for 30-45 minutes, staying dry and enjoying some snacks…

Can you see the rain?

The rain did stop, though…

End of day quiet country lane!

Olveiroa is a sleepy place… there are no real services there, except one public auberge and one private hotel/restaurant… A new auberge/cafe/bar is being constucted, but was not open yet… We had dinner at the restaurant!

Pilgrim Dinner Gang!

Left to right in the photo: Antonio, Kristen, Danielle, Kristoff, Greg (?), me, Dominic, Armin, Simone, (???)

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