Walk from Finisterra to Muxia

April 24th, 2011 – 30.1 KM … cloudy windy and dry… the day’s terrain included one climb of 200 meters spread over 5 KM… a mere bump in comparison to the MOUNTAIN over the Pyrenees on the first day!

This day was solomn for me… It would be my last day walking… and, as I started alone, I would finish the camino alone… It was reflective… I recall all the friends and people that I have met… all wonderful… and I suspect some will become life long friends! So, today, more than other days, I took notice of the natural beauty and the springtime wildflowers!

In all, walking the camino has been one of the most significant adventures of my lifetime! This will undoubtedly not be the only camino that I undertake! I miss my friends of the camino, the connections that we have made, the common search for greater meaning, and the common desire for resolution in searching for a balance between our inner and outer lives… the search for “what we may do next”… It has been a journey that we did together, in some way, but the journey was for each of us uniquely our own… in our thoughts, our circumstances, our histories…

Tomorrow, I will return to Santiago for a brief stay… Afterwards, I will go to Ourense, Spain to soak my muscles and bones in the eternal hot springs located there…

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3 thoughts on “Walk from Finisterra to Muxia

  1. julie kumamoto

    Hi David,
    You have had a silent partner on your journey, me. I have enjoyed reading your journaled thoughts and have internalized many of them. It’s a rare man who strives to understand himself and the world around him.. Thank you for sharing. Julie K

  2. Congratulations, David! You did it!!!

  3. Congratulations for the great inner and outer experience. Hope a return someday.

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