Walk from Triacastela to Sarria

April 15th, 2011 – 25 KM… fine weather… mostly a down hill or flat day… Sarria is the last town where people walking only 100 KM of the camino frances can join the camino… This is significant because in order to receive the “Compostela” at the officina de peregrinos in Santiago, a pilgrim must walk or bicycle a minimum of 100 KM…

Each day has started in a different way!

Fog in the valleys

Here, the gang is taking a well deserved break along the path…

The gang - taking a break...

As I passed by this woman caring for her plants, I couldn’t help but wonder… Did she paint the house to match the hat? Did she buy the hat to match the house color? or is she just facinated with the color? I offer this, not as a comment about her, though… but as a comment about the thoughts that enter my mind as I’m walking the camino… I’m walking KM after KM… not with music or other distractions of daily life, but with only what stream of conscious thoughts are in my head… it’s funny…

The hat or the house - which color came first!

I was entering Sarria with Maryanne and Armin… Armin intended to go further that day, and Maryanne was going to meet a friend that lives in Sarria… So, we decided to have lunch on the Rio Sarria… These swans were swimming about… and this was the first river where I actually saw fish swimming in the water… We also fed the fish some small compressed bits of our lunch bread… Sometimes kids eat the middle of the bread and toss the crust… I like the crust best, and tossed the middle (compressed) to the fish! LOL

Lunch on the Rio Sarria!

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