Walk from Gonzar to Melide

April 17th – 33.2 KM – an initial climb for 5 KM, followed by mostly flat / down terrain…

I started this day’s walk with Maryanne, a sweet italian girl in her 20’s… Part of the group, she has become a nice friend… It was DARK when we left… and quite foggy…

Foggy Morning!

We were stopped for lunch in Palas de Rei, where we took this photo with Ricardo and Pancho, both from Spain… Also at lunch were, Antonio, Lina, Rodri (Rodrigo), David, and Javier…

With Ricardo & Pancho

Antonio is 75 this year, and doing only the last 100 KM from Sarria with his grand-daughter, Lina… I have spent some time walking with him and quite enjoying his wisdom…

Lina with her grandfather, Antonio!

I didn’t know this day would be mostly about friends! but, it was… at the end of the day, I made friends with these two teacher/travellers from Texas… they were not walking the entire camino, but just a portion of one day… The day ended with a large group of people, Dominic, Simone, Danielle, Kristoff, Carol, and others going to a Pulperia to enjoy Pulpo (Octopus)!

Crossing the bridge into Melide with a teacher from Texas!

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One thought on “Walk from Gonzar to Melide

  1. RichardCooper

    I don’t like that bridged! Because i thought “at last im at destination!” and you see “1.2 km” to the town!

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