Walk from La Faba to Triacastela

April 14, 2011 – 25.8 km today… I’m really loving the great weather!

From La Faba, there was a brief climb! Well, more than a few KM, but followed by a nice decline! On the way to the top, we crossed the regional border into Galicia! This photo is with Dominic!

On the way to O'Cebreiro

Spain is really beautiful, as you can see from the panorama… I have a great appreciation for these paths that are smooth and not so hard to walk!

On the long road again!

We took this Photo in O’Cebreiro… In O’Cebreiro is the oldest church on the entire camino frances… where a covetted stamp for the pilgrim credential can be obtained! The contents of the church are a must see!

Friends: Armin, Dominic, & Maryanne

We were walking along the way when two bus loads of kids started getting off the bus… apparently, their teacher had this idea that they should walk part of the camino… We hurried along to get well ahead… though, with their energy, they caught up… at the top of a steep incline, they were very excited to catch up… I called out to my friends and the excited kids: “PHOTO!… PHOTO!” all joined in, including the teacher… and the kids were thrilled!

Kids group! They were excited to have a photo with "real" peregrinos!

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