Walk from Foncebadon to Molenaseca

April 11th, 2011 – 19.5 km today… appreciating the sun…

This was mostly a downhill day… down hill is much more challenging for the knees and ankles, so it is very important to go slow…

This small church, next to the cruce, is a place where spiritual awareness is heightened… and a place for quiet, contemplative, meditative moments…

Quite moment at the Cruce

This is the highest point on the Camino… a place where many pilgrims bring a stone from home and leave it with a wish for the the future… This place is highly spiritual and raises many thoughts and feelings as we are here… Pocoloco Paul and I have a special bond for this place…

This is the highest point on the Camino... & Cruce

I was particularly noticing the snow capped mountains in the distance… and thought of those pilgrims that have died in making their pirgrimage at a more challenging time during the year.

Gravesite near the highest point...

The directions for the way!

A stop on the way...

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2 thoughts on “Walk from Foncebadon to Molenaseca

  1. Mike

    Was worried you might get lost, but that stop on the way with all the signs reassured me! Head for the snow-capped mountains.

    How are your feet and knees holding out with all the downhill portions?


  2. RichardCooper

    Hello Capitan David 😛

    Its me Ricardo from Porto!

    Where the well are you? I has looking for you and the rest of the gang, i stay 2 more day in Santiago waiting!!

    I finish Santiago on Sunday whit Roberto, i hope that is every thing ok whit you 🙂

    Note: Please send me the email from Paul and yours.

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