Walk from Astorga to Foncebadon

April 10th, 2011 – Walked 27.2 km today… sunny…

Leaving Foncebadon, we walked by the Cathedral and several other buildings of architectural interest.


Often, the roads on the camino are long and devoid of much interest… sometimes they go on… and on… and on… leaving the mind to comtemplate moving and changing thoughts… Some pilgrims break out in to song during these times…

Long road of the Camino

Two of the people that I have met, Simone and Dominic, are from Germany… Simone is studying economics, and we have shared some conversation of the noise in markets… I really like this couple because, often, they walk the camino holding hands…

Simone & Dominic

This waymark caught my eye because of the rainbow… more often, when waymarks of this variety are not possible, we see arrows (fetchas) painted on the ground or on poles…

A typical Waymark.

I thought to take a group photo of this group of school kids from the south of spain doing a week long portion of the Camino… They insisted that I be in the photo too…

High School kids from Los Barrios, Spain

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One thought on “Walk from Astorga to Foncebadon

  1. yeaaaaah nice pictureee!!!!!!!!

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