Walk from El Burgo Ranero to Arcahueja

April 6th – this day was especially warm!  and included extra mileage!  I walked 34.7 km! The reward? I stayed in a HOTEL with a private bath and a king-sized bed with NO other pilgrims and NO snoring pilgrims!  Hey! my 18th day!!! LOL
As we left El Burgos Ranero, this lady was running/jogging… I couldn’t figure out if the hair came first or the pants… the colour is too artificial to believe it had to be one or the other… Hummmmm… Plus, I think the night before was too much… First, I got locked out of the Auberge because I was 10 minutes past curfew… Marcus, a pelegrino from Germany, came to the door bleary eyed, and struggled with the locks to let me in… Then, at 3 am, Enrique, the hospitaleiro, started a very noisy party in the Auberge, waking most peregrinos and peregrinas…

What first? the hair or the jogging pants?

This was the first bar/restaurante of the day… 14 km after leaving El Burgos Ranero… many pilgrims were there!

The Bar Restaurante in Religos!

Here are friends Bina, Lutz, and Suzy all from Germany!

Bina, Lutz, and Suzy (L to R)

This cruce was in Mansilla, followed by the Castle walls.

A Cruce in Mansilla de las Mulas.


Castle walls of Mansilla de las Mulas.


By the time we came near Viliarente, we had run out of water… We called out to a man and his wife, both of whom were very gratious and accommodated us in providing us with water and refilling our water bottles.

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One thought on “Walk from El Burgo Ranero to Arcahueja

  1. Marie

    cette journée était particulièrement chaleureux! et inclus le kilométrage supplémentaire! Je marchais 34.7 km! La récompense? J’ai séjourné dans une HÔTEL avec une salle de bain privée et d’un lit king-size avec le NO et NO autres pèlerins pèlerins ronfler! Hey! mon 18e jour! LOL

    funny man

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