Walk from Belorado to Atapuerca

Wednesday, March 30th…

I started the walk early this morning well before sunrise.  The early part of the day rained lightly for most of the morning and into early afternoon.  During the morning, I went thru three small towns hoping to find a small cafe…

In the process, I did meet Kim, a 30 year old Korean man.  He’s searching for some ideas on what he’d like to do with his life, and we had some conversation about what can be important to consider.

Rainy Road

During the walk, I met Martha Deacon, the founder of the Townships Project based in Canada: an organization that has promoted microfinance in South Africa since 1999.  Our conversation was lively and very interesting.
The highlight of the day came as I walked into San Juan de Orteaga to find a group of school kids on fieldtrip.  All of the kids were age 12-13, and very interested in practicing english and telling me about thier excitement over “Justin Beeber.”
Kids on a field trip to San Juan de Ortegga

It was way too early to stop walking, though… so I continued on to Ages and then to Atapuerca.  Here I am, walking through Ages.

Passing thru Ages

The following photo is of me and pals Armin (from Germany) and Lina (from Portugal & Germany).
Me with Armin and Lina in Ages
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