Walk from Estella to Los Arcos

Friday, March 25th, my sixth day on the Camino de Santiago.  My body has certainly been exposed to many hardships and pains, but I am feeling stronger as every day passes!

The day was overcast and had a comfortable temperature – maybe 6-8 C (High 40’s).

The beauty came from the vast and open valleys and long exposed roads. 

A brief rest!

Just outside Estella

Looking back to Estella

Looking back at the Castle above Villamayor de Monjardin

Long wide open fields on the way to Los Arcos

I arrived in Los Arcos with both Phillip and Roberto… Ines, Angela, and Richardo were ahead of us and went on to the Auberge municipal.  Phillip, Roberto, and I decided to stay at the Auberge La Fuente – Casa de Austria… a great choice because Wifi-gratis is available at the facility… also equiped with automatic wash and dry machines for laundry!

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2 thoughts on “Walk from Estella to Los Arcos

  1. Beverly McDevitt

    Looks like a winner. How many K per day, so far? Your package arrived. Will pick it up Monday.
    XO Mom

  2. Kathi Carlson

    Enjoying the updates on your trek. So many beautiful sights and the adventure is amazing. Looking forward to the future ones.

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