Walk from St Jean de port to Roncesvalles

HOLY MOLY!  Today was all about climbinb mountains… the up and down was about 1300 meters…

One Monument on the way

Climbing up the Pyrenees: SNOW

I discovered methods for controling my mind… “I’m going to walk to that nest piece of dung… now I’m going to walk to the next bush… the next dung… next bush…” … the mountain terrain is fairly barron with few trees… the weather was mildly cloudy with sunshine and warm… in the high 40’s/low 50’s… no rain… and with exception to minor wind chill, good weather overall…


It helped me! I needed to focus on anything but the “new muscles” I was finding… or rather… the OLD muscles I hadn’t used in so long… By the end of this, I’ll definately be fit!!!

Ok I met great people… JuWan, JuYong, KyeongMe, Juiliano, Paul, Silvio, Philip, Roberto, Frank, Giovanni, Ines, & Andrea… We had a great “perigrino” dinner tonight – Starting with a soup, a fresh trout for each with batata fritas, and yougurt for dessert.  Vin Tinto and Water were included… all for 9 Euro…

From the top of the Pyrenees

The lodging at Roncesvaux collegio is excellent; hot water for showers; and WIFI Gratis…

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2 thoughts on “Walk from St Jean de port to Roncesvalles

  1. Kathi Carlson

    Sounds wonderful, really. It’s great when you find your strength and motivation to keep you going. The gift is what you discover along the way and it sounds like you have.
    Blessings for continued strength on your journey. Be safe.

  2. Sue Y

    That’s how I do it. One foot in front of the other. Sounds SO great! I’m glad you are enjoying yourself!

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