Soul Moments

In the process of waiting for the weather to support starting the Camino, I have been reading a book: Soul Moments by Phil Cousineau (a San Franciscan) and am inspired by excerpts, some of which I’m including here:

Comments by Robert A Johnson in the forward:

To do one’s inner work means to work on dreams, meditation, active imagination, drawing, music, poetry, or even gardening, fishing, or achieving a “runner’s high.”  True inner work puts one into contact with the inner world and helps reveal the meaning of one’s life.

For Dr. Carl Jung, one of the most fascinating and perplexing ways an individual can find meaning is through an experience of syncronicity, a phenomenon of the “meaningful coincidence” functioning as a missing piece of the psyche, and a potentially powerful experience that should be taken seriously.

In a world longing for connection and ecstatic experience, synchronistic experience can shake us away from stupor and create connection to life greater that one we have been living, perhaps in a way that allows the mystery of our lives to be revealed with the asking of the question, what is the meaning here?

So it is that I am embarking on the walk of a lifetime… the Camino de Santiago…

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3 thoughts on “Soul Moments

  1. Mike

    Dave – those natural stone formations are very interesting. Since you have your pack weight down bring me back one!! Hope you are enjoying yourself. M

  2. Robert Shank

    This got me looking around a bit and I found this wikipedia article. Seems to be true in my life.

  3. Mike

    I like the thought of synchronicity

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