Update Saturday March 12th

Internet access is limited and I’m still not using my own laptop… so pictures are forthcoming…

Thursday, we drove from Arronches, where my mom’s “country” house is, to Monsaroz… it’s a small village at the top of a mountain, enclosed by a castle… the shops are more oriented toward tourists, but fortunate for us, few people were there on that day…  We proceeded to a village, Sao Pedro, where there were many ceramics makers…

Let me not forget the Cromlech…

Cromlech in the Alentejo

Me & Mom

On Friday, we went to Borbas and looked through many antique shops… and had lunch in San Vicente, where mixed “grill” was ordered… grilled pork, patata fritas, salada mista… all good…

Today, Saturday, we stopped at the street market in Estremos… looked at some of the goods… and had a spanish churo… From there, we returned to Sintra, a 200+ KM drive (about 125 miles)… We’ll have dinner with a friend of my mom, tonight…

At this point, I’m planning to take the train from Lisbon to Hendaye/Irun on Tuesday, leaving Tuesday at about 4 p.m. and, traveling all night, arriving in Hendaye/Irun at about 7 a.m. Wednesday.  Weather remains an issue, and fortunately, I found another weather oriented website to check!  So, at this point, I’ll be starting the walk sometime after Wednesday pending weather…

As soon as I can use my own laptop, I’ll be revising these posts and adding photos!

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4 thoughts on “Update Saturday March 12th

  1. Sue Y

    Sounds like your mom is living her dream…

  2. jan mariolle

    thanks for the updates David! Starting on St. Patricks Day could be a good omen. It sounds like you are finding some great food. I can hardly wait to see pictures and personal accounts of your trip!
    Brianna is safely back from Cancun. I am proud of her….and proud of you too…such an adventure. I can’t wait for more details.
    Be safe.

  3. Kathi Carlson

    Enjoying your updates. Looking forward to pictures and when you start your journey. Probably not as much as you are though.

  4. Cute pic of you and your mom!

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