Waiting to start the Camino

Hi!  Well, this is the first I’ve been able to get internet access… which, so far, seems pretty limited…

I arrived at 6:15 PM Lisbon time on Sunday March 6th.  That night, my mom and I had dinner at the Praia de Adraga – pork chops, soup, salad… and relatively inexpensive…

On Monday, I was able to purchase my walking sticks as a sporting goods store, Decathalon, in Sintra.  We also did some grocery shoping at “Pingo Doce”, one of the inexpensive grocery chain stores in Portugal.

Tuesday, we drove from Penedo, near Sintra & Colares, to Arronches.  On the way, we stopped for lunch at the Taberna Do Adro, Largo Joao Dias de Deus, 1, 7350-511 Vila Fernando, ELVAS… where the meal was world class and the establishment previously featured in many magazine articles, including, I am told – so hearsay, the New York Times Magazine…

Wednesday, we have travelled about… visiting Marvao and Castello de Vide… With a stop for a great chicken lunch along the way…

Monsaraz, Portugal

Monsaraz, Portugal

The weather to start the Camino looks as though a clear start may not happen until the 17th… I’ll be watching and updating along the way…

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3 thoughts on “Waiting to start the Camino

  1. Sue Y

    I hope you get a chance to visit Cascais! Santini’s ice cream (near the bus stop) has the BEST ice cream in the WORLD! Wonderful park (Gandarinha)near the light house.
    My sister and I stayed in this hotel with a time-share exchange:
    Vila Gale Cascais
    R. Frei Nicolau de Oliveira Parque da Gandarinha Cascais, 2750 – 641
    The “Boca do Inferno” is about a half mile walk down the road…
    Have fun!

  2. Mike

    Hey Dave – Have fun on your adventure and remember that metal walking sticks and lightning are attractors on those high mountain passes!

  3. Jeannot

    Well.. so happy to read that you have arrived in Lisbon and have started your adventure. My friend David… Please make the best of your travels and enjoy the company of your mother.. Life is too short to squander away precious moments…Health and Relationship are tops and money does not mean much at all…
    I am following your e-mails with a lot of eagerness and please know that you I am rooting for you all the way….XOXOXOXO

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