When to start…?

David Malcolm McDevitt

Well, it’s at least a week or more before I’ll start my journey on the Camino de Santiago…  My flight from SFO to LIS leaves on Saturday, March 5th… and arrives in LIS on Sunday, March 6th… From there, I’ll visit my aging mother until the weather looks to be clear enough to take the train from Lisbon, Portugal to Bayonne, France and up to St. Jean Pied de Port.

If you’d like to know more about the Camino de Santiago, check out American Pilgrims  for information about the many “ways” to make the Camimo de Santiago; there are several, and the “french way” is the most popular.

I intend to start in March 2011 – it’s going to be cold and the likelihood is that it will also be wet… So, I’m trying to be selective about the specific timing of when I’ll actually start my journey…

Why?  Well, the first day on the Camino de Santiago – specifically the french way – under usual circumstances is the walk from St Jean Pied de Port, France, over the Pyrenees, to Roncesvalles, Spain.  There is a climb of near 4000 feet, with a drop into Roncesvalles.  The weather is of the greatest concern, because it could rain, hail, or snow… so, I’m monitoring the weather sites to assure that the temperature is 3 or 4 centigrade at the low and above 10 for the high… that essentially translates to 37 degrees farenheit to high 40’s…

The weather site I’m using is Roncesvalles Weather.

At some point in the next day, or so, I’ll create a list of the contents of my backpack for a reference.  Additionally, I know that I will be purchasing a couple of items once I get to Lisbon, that due to logistics of air travel were not advisable to carry from the United States, to include a swiss army knife and walking sticks.  Once I complete the Camino de Santiago, I’ll have these items mailed back to California.

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5 thoughts on “When to start…?

  1. Kathi Carlson

    Thank you for all the information. I will be walking with you in spirit as I train here for Portland to Coast. Sounds like the weather will be similar, but the views will no way compare.
    Such a perfect way to unwind after your other journey you embarked upon with the bar exam. Looking forward to updates.

  2. cdevol

    This sounds like a great adventure. Have fun! I am looking forward to following your blog.

  3. David – have a great trip and i look forward to an occasional look to see what you’re up to! Hope the BAR went well….

  4. MP

    Safe journey and lots of adventure ahead amigo.

  5. Like the “Avon” cap…

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